Wednesday, July 3

Does "STRESS" Factor in Weight Loss

According to experts, one of the main reasons our society is witnessing rampant obesity is the busy schedule that most people are adapting, increasing stress in our lives. The daily stressing demands of our societies have changed our eating habits requiring us to eat fast foods in order to make time for other demanding schedules. The modern life style pattern has placed exercise on the least important things that we do, thus increasing the stress levels in our lives.

The main challenge of weight loss is increased by emotional eating. The stress factors in your life may at times cause you to crave for unhealthy food. Your sugar levels are affected by prolonged stress that results in mood swings which increase emotional eating habits that are a major challenge to weight loss. Excessive stress has the tendency to affect where our body stores extra fats. Abdominal fat has been found to increase with higher stress levels and generally are known to introduce risks to your health.

Whatever the source of stress, our bodies will always respond by shifting the metabolism rate which inherently affects our overall health and weight loss plans . Prolonged stress has been known to result in weight gain due to too much cortisol in the body that reduces metabolism even if you're eating habits are the same. Healthy metabolism relies on proper digestion and muscle building systems to function at optimal levels. The functioning of the systems is hindered by chronic stress as the body stores up fats and reduces the muscle and bone tissue build up in the body.

When you improve your nutritional diet that is rich in minerals, proteins and vitamin B12 and combines with regular exercises your body increases the production of serotonin. Serotonin plays a major role in determining your moods, cravings and emotions, thus if not well regulated by a proper diet will lead to chronic stress and may require stress management.  Check out our Vitamin B12 products and find one that will help you increase your energy, focus and enhance your weight loss.  Energy and focus can certainly help to reduce your stress level and give you a clearer vision to plan out your weight loss goals.

Sunday, June 16

Water & Vitamin B12 when Dieting

     Dieting through the summer months can be difficult and require special supplements to keep you active and energized. Since your weight reducing diet plan excludes many high energy rich food products like red meat, pork etc, taking external addendum is important to maintain your immunity. Vitamin B12 is considered to be the best medicinal support along with your diet program because it increases energy metabolism in the body and enables movement. This complex vitamin is a great fat burner because it makes you feel like exercising and cuts short on your hunger cravings thus helping you lose weight quickly.

     While taking vitamin B12 you need to ensure that you have lots of water throughout the day. Not only water helps in removing out the toxins from body but the B12 complex is a water soluble product and hence remains ineffective without water. Therefore you must include plenty of water in your diet plan and otherwise also whenever you find time. The water will stimulate the medicinal value of the vitamin and be a consistent part of your weight loss program. The complete nutritional value of most of the food products can be received with vitamin B12 injections and also be free from any fat accumulation in the body.

    Many doctors may suggest using vitamin B12 to increase your energy which is also effective in treating pernicious anemia. This energy boost would also provide you enough strength to exercise thus helping you lose those extra pounds all the more quickly. There is no harm in excess of vitamin B12 intake as long as you keep having tons of water all day long. The water dissolves the minerals and vitamins and spreads in the blood as much is needed, the rest is shed through urine.

     Therefore to exacerbate your weight loss process through dieting, you may want to add vitmain B12 supplements to your weight loss plan and increase your water intake.

Thursday, June 13

Using Vitamin B & Lipotropics to ENHANCE Weight Loss

     The more we eat burgers and potato chips, the more frequently we hear of the term weight loss--oops!  It's even becoming a cliche nowadays, I mean quite literally. It's seen on television, radio, magazines, and publications to soft media on the internet.  From ointments to reconstructive surgeries, weight loss cannot be achieved and maintained without the proper knowledge. Here, you will find valuable information on this 'weighty' topic.

     There are organic carbon-containing molecules in your everyday cereal. They are almost in every dieting description of a healthy diet. They are known as Vitamins. We will look at Vitamins in connection with weight loss.

     The human body requires 13 vitamins, 8 of these are found in the B-complex group. All vitamins in the B-complex are water soluble. They provide energy by converting carbohydrates into glucose. These vitamins are also vital for the metabolism of proteins and fat. It is therefore true to say that the B-complex Vitamins and weight loss go hand in hand but this can only be achieved if all forms of Vitamin B are taken together. There various forms of vitamin B:

Pantothenic acid(B5)
Folic acid

     Vitamin B12 is present in the metabolism of nearly every cell in the body. Cyanocobalamin(B12) affects DNA synthesis. It is also responsible for the synthesis of fatty acids and consequently, the production of energy. B12 is most importantly, necessary for digestion, synthesis of protein, food absorption and the metabolism of fats.

     Lipotropics are another important part of fat breakdown. They are 3 amino acids that enhance the liver function so your body burns fat instead of storing it. It is important to note that this is not a miracle drug; it works best with low calorie meal plan.

     At, you will find several forms of Vitamins and lipotropic fat burner shots. Don't let weight take control of your life, because a remedy is always available.

Tuesday, January 8

What Next....I Started my New Years Resolution...

Hey Guys--
Here is an excerpts from a blog I received from a dear friend and thought I would share it with you so you know how others are struggling in the same way....

Hi Marie,

I wanted to increase my “pep”. Since Christmas and all the wonderful holiday foods I could tell that my fatigue came back. So I started taking B-12 injections and what a difference. I feel so much better and now have more energy.

I have gained a lot of weight since the holidays. I am going to keep my New Year Resolution by starting my diet of 1000 calorie diet. I have started the B-12 with lipotropic injections. In the past the injections helped me lose weight and feel good while dieting. Here’s hoping I reach my goal.

I have been fighting cancer since January 2012. After all my treatments of chemo and radiation I have gained over 20 pounds. I fight fatigue everyday. My doctor doesn’t want me to diet for a while. I am now cancer free. I would like to lose some weight by just changing my eating habits. Food did not taste good during my treatments. I am planning to watch my carbs and fats, take a carb blocker and B-12 with lipotropics injections. It will take me longer to drop some weight but hopefully I will feel better and just maybe lose a few pounds.

Will caralluma help me lose weight? I do not know too much about the caralluma but a friend takes it everyday.

I would like to burn fat, curb my appetite and boost my metabolism. Do you have any products that will help?

I went on a 17 day diet and lost 10 pounds... I ate lean proteins, unlimited nonstarchy vegetables, fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt and probiotic-spiked cottage cheese. I love smoothie so I used low fat yogurt and fresh berries or other fruit for breakfast. I keep a food journal which was a big help.

Thanks for all of your support and emails of encouragement.


Hi Sara,

I am so glad to hear you are Cancer Free. I am so glad you are on the mends and working towards being healthier.  Take your time and give your body time to recover---don't over do it.  Your body has been through so much.  Take it slow and always follow the doctors instructions.  The B12 with Lipotropics is a great product, especially if you are looking to boost your energy level and decrease your stored fat.  Keeping your calorie intake down will be key in helping the injection work properly but make sure you are eating alittle throughout the day to keep you metabolism stimulated.  Don't even think about starving yourself, either.  The Fat and Carb Blocker works really good with the Lipotropic injections so I think you are headed in a good direction there.

Now, Caralluma...great product!  If you are having a difficult time with your appetite then you may want to add this product.  It's all natural and works with both the Injections and Fat and Carb Blocker.  I think you have really made the first best step and that is putting a plan together and moving forward.  Hang in there and let me know how you are doing from time to time.

Take care,

Saturday, December 1

My Body Is More Than A Heart....

Our bodies are much more than a heart and a nice figure.  What about all the other organs?  How do we maintain wellness of the body?  A quick trip to the gym on occasion will not achieve wellness of the body.  Proper nutrition, hydration and regular physical exercise is necessary.

My Thoughts on Wellness & My Desire to Achieve IT.....
     Wellness is defined as our overall good health, and the condition sustained by healthy eating and fitness habits.  We have so many places to turn for wellness information, that it would be impossible for me to come to one conclusion or offer a thought of one particular place to find the magical answer of "how can I keep this weight off after facing a life long battle of obesity."  Is this a possible dream or goal.....YES [sigh].  Yes you can and so can I.  I think the questions is more of are you willing to put in the time and energy to organize yourself and make the commitment.
     There are sources of information that explain the benefits of being well, the physical benefits, the mental benefits, the social benefits, and the self-esteem and emotional benefits, which is nothing more than wellness of body, mind and soul.
     If you have ever been on a "DIET" then you have heard everything from calories - to exercise - to water intake - to get proper rest.  For me it's about finding a balance between being a wife, mother and working.  Planning meals and not being in that daily crunch of homework, housework and me time.  I have found that I am more successful when I am able to plan ahead and not feel stressed or pushed for time needing to figure out what to cook.  You may find it helpful as well if you stop and plan your meals out on a weekly bases.  This will allow you the time to make sure you have what you need to cook a good well balanced meal for everyone while maintaining your own calorie intake without being deprived of the "good stuff".
     All in all, I am continueing to face the challenges of staying organized and planning meals ahead. I am working on finding the time to exercise on a regular bases and consistently add this to my schedule.  I feel good about taking the first step to wellness, now I just have to keep striving for the whole physical fitness portion.  
     It didn’t become UNHEALTHY overnight, and I won’t become an image of HEALTH at the blink of an eye.  One step = One Goal at a Time ..... which translate into Success!

Friday, November 30

Another Week of Restriction!?!

Let's face it, dieting is hard work.  Cutting back on the foods you love to eat is like being a teenager on restriction everyday.  No hanging out, no party, no dating, no cell phone, no keys to the car, no indulging in whatever makes you happy.  Some days you wake up and it's like "that's it," I'm done with the rolls of fat and I am going to lose the weight.  And for a while it happens, 5lbs, 10lbs, etc.  But then along comes a family gathering or surprise party and you begin to think I'll be okay if I just splurge this one time.  How are you supposed to turn the "splurging" off?  You look in the mirror and you really like who you are now, but that "one time" celebration and splurging is now OUT OF CONTROL.  What are you suppose to do, just turn the light switch off....OH, how I wish I could. 

I have been on this ride my entire life and have yet to figure out how to get off and stay off.  Count calories; watch carbs; no bread or potatoes; count fat grams; whatever the fad is today it will be gone tomorrow but the my fat is forever.  NOT!  Change the channel -- pick up the excuses and put them in the front seat of that roller coaster by themselves.

My weight loss success is slow but it has for the first time in my life been steady.  I hate working at it everyday but then I remember how valuable my life is to my husband and kids.  Does it motivate me everyday, nope but it helps when that emotional ride comes creeping by.  Life is really out there for the taking, people like me don't have to stay fat, you don't have to be sad and miss out.  Food is like a love affair with out-of-control sex.  So don't cheat on your partner by indulging in food, stay focused and in the most important relationship of your life---your health.

I tribute my success to counting calories and the consistent use B6+B12 with Lipotropics injections.  Yeah, no gimmick here just needed the boost of energy to help me feel like exercising.  I read a lot in blogs and hear positive feedback.  My emotions are not so out of wack that I don't realize the calories is what makes me lose.  But the energy and metabolism booster in the injections sure the heck helps.  Don't knock me for trying something new and figuring out what works for me.  Consider it a side dish of the main course.     

Until we chat again, don't give up and know like me you are beautiful inside and out!